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America is rated the most patriotic nation in the world. However, it is imperative to distinguish what it means to be an American patriot. It is not a blind allegiance to land, government, or nation. American patriotism is loyalty in the heart of the founding—grounded in the message of the Declaration of Independence. It is in the reverence for freedom and principles established in our Declaration that guides the zeal of an American patriot.


Do not let the idea of American patriotism fade into meaningless rhetoric. An American patriot is not one who shoots fireworks on the fourth of July, waves an American flag, or wears a lapel pin. The truest patriotic expression is a love, passion, and recognition of freedom. Let us understand, celebrate, revere, and protect it. This is what makes a patriot American. (Gabe Rodrigues**)


The “Patriot” DSP-15 in 5.56/.223 is a performance-driven design utilizing the latest technical advancements in today’s modern sporting rifles. Billet lower receivers are precision machined in our facility located in Fulton, MS and combined with “top shelf” components resulting in one of the easiest to control and most reliable AR-15s out there. From a day on the range, bringing home that trophy buck, or protecting your family this rifle can do it all.  The Patriot will deliver the durability, reliability and accuracy you’ve come to expect from DSPArmory.