Made in Mississippi

Every rifle we make is handcrafted in Mississippi with quality parts. Not only are the rifle components that we manufacture in-house top notch, but it’s our priority to make sure that every rifle part that we bring in from other manufacturers used in our rifles, are made excellently. After all, if you’re only as good as your weakest component – we make sure that our bare minimum is excellence.

Here are the brands we are currently using in crafting these high quality AR-15s and AR-10s:

We’d love for you to contact us if you have any quality parts that you love that you’d like to see us incorporate into your custom made rifle. Our first priority is quality, so we are always looking for new ways to be even better. Please keep in mind, our quality standards are exceptionally high, so we won’t use just any rifle parts! And our second priority is customer service, so let us know how we can serve you.