Build Your Custom AR Rifle

At DSP Armory, you can build your very own custom AR rifle. You can add different AR accessories and furniture to your liking. To begin with, you start by choosing your AR lower and your AR upper. Secondly, we’ll add an AR Gas block, and you can choose which AR Parts and accessories you want, like suppressors. Next, you’ll choose the custom paint you want, and any special engraving. We offer several colors, some anodized and others applied with Cerakote (ceramic epoxy composite). Additionally, we offer a number of patterns of camouflage, some of which are also anodized on or hydro-dipped. For example, most Mossy Oak patterns are available, such as Mossy Oak Bottomland, Mossy Oak Brush and Mossy Oak BreakUp Country. Finally, we’ll use our expertise to assemble it, in-house for you. You can pick up, or we’ll ship it to you all over the US!


For example, you can choose your AR upper and lower to build your custom AR:


Likewise, you can choose your AR parts and accessories for your custom AR:


Please fill out your information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible about your custom AR. We are happy to build a rifle to your specifications, with any special qualities that you desire. Above all, our goal is to make you happy by making the custom AR that you want. We look forward to hearing from you!